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The 50 Most Beautiful Wrapping Papers Ever Brit + Co

Our Value Gift Wrap Convenience Rolls are hh quality wrapping paper and available while supplies last. Each 85' of gift wrap will wrap approximately 50 gifts.

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When we decided to treasure hunt online for the best wrapping paper, we thought we’d find 10, maybe 15 rolls. There are so many incredible artists, desners and curators who’ve made it their job to make and find the best papers around, and now we’re here to round our 50 favorites up. You could also use it as an accent strip on boxes wrapped in brown kraft paper. DIY Cheerful Cherry Wrap: Brhten up someone’s holiday with a gift wrapped up in this pretty little number. The gold detail adds an extra festive touch friends and family will appreciate. If you ever wondered what happens when pom-poms meet wrapping paper… The two papers are so different but magiy work together. Modern Matrimony Staggered Arrows Modern Chevron Geometric Pattern Wrapping Paper ($22 ): If you’re feeling crafty, you could totally create a DIY version of this with a hand-cut stamp, or maybe even a potato stamp! The Detroit Card Co Pine and Holly Wrapping Paper ($8): Most holly-based patterns walk the way-too-cheesy line, but this graphic answer to holly is rht up our alley. If you’re feeling the retro vibes, get your mod wrap today! DIY Eye-Stamped Gift Wrap: Your friends won’t want to take their eyes off their gifts when they’re wrapped in this striking pattern. Then this gold and neon confetti patterned wrap is the one for you! Wildflower Wrapping Sheets ($9, set of three): Finally, the most beautiful (albeit, pretty darn girly) wrapping paper of them all.

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I just love good quality wrapping paper with gorgeous unique desns and these stores have just that.

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Where can i buy wrapping paper:

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